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Then let this site inspire you! Do It Yourself Gifts has loads of FREE gift ideas for any occasion. Whether you plan to get crafty and "do-it-yourself" using our step-by-step instructions, or simply purchase it from the store, this site will give you the ideas and guidance you need to make your gifts memorable!

I've been there. I've walked in your gift giving shoes.

You're invited to a celebration or have an important event coming up, and you have no idea what gift to bring. You want something that is unique and unforgettable, but you just don't have a clue what that "something" is...

”Birthday ”gift ”birthday ”Baby

You need some INSPIRATION!

”Engagement ”Bridal ”Baby ”Wedding

You'll find tons of FREE DIY gifts within these pages...from new baby to retirement gifts, and everything in between. Projects for once-a-year events like birthdays or anniversaries, along with once-in-a lifetime events like a baptism or an engagement. Gifts that will bring a smile to their face (and yours).

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My name is Tiffany, a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) and publisher of Like you, I am passionate about seeking out unique DIY gifts and ideas. After years of collecting and giving many "do it yourself" gifts, I've pulled them all together and put them on this site to share with you (I'd love for you to share YOUR creative gift projects with me, too)! I hope that you'll use many of my projects to create lasting memorable gifts for those you care about.

Sit back, relax, and enjoying clicking through our pages. There are lots of great ideas that you can use or pass along to a friend. So, put on your creative cap, and get ready to find that perfect "something!"

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