Unique 13th Birthday Gift Idea

Looking for a unique 13th birthday gift idea? I know how you feel. Teenagers can be so difficult to buy for!

13th Birthday Gift

When my niece turned thirteen, I came up with this creative birthday gift idea, and she LOVED it!

First, I made a list of the qualities I love the most about her. Then, I thought of something that I could buy or make her for each quality.

You can change things around for a boy, or to match different personalities, but below is an example of each quality that I came up with, and the gifts that I gave to match.

  • She can make a rainy day feel sunny - umbrella
  • She's a great friend - "Friend" picture frame
  • She's sporty - Cup with her favorite team logo
  • She's beautiful - Compact mirror
  • She has a peaceful spirit - Necklace/bracelet with peace signs
  • Her personality sparkles - Body glitter lotion
  • She's sweet - Sweet Tart candies
  • She has so much love for her sisters - Heart necklace with 3 gems in it (to represent each sister)
  • She has a big heart - heart bracelet
  • She's great at holding things together - a wallet that holds her cell phone and money
  • She shines - lip gloss
  • She's casual - flip flops
  • She has a fresh beauty - perfume

13th Birthday Gifts

To Assemble the Thirteenth Birthday Gifts:

1. Make a small sign that says "13 Reasons I/We Love (Insert Name", and attach it to the front of a gift bag.

2. Wrap each gift individually, and put the quality it matches on the front. Place them all in the gift bag, and you're finished!

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