13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ideas to Help You Find the Perfect 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift

When is 13 not considered an "unlucky" number? When you are celebrating 13 fantastic years of marriage together! The "7-10" year itch has long since passed, and you are completely comfortable with each other. Find a gift that is as special as your relationship!

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Lace
Modern Anniversary Gift: Textiles/Fur
13th Anniversary Flower: Hollyhoch
13th Anniversary Gemstones: Citrine, Malachite, Moonstone

Decide whether the person you are buying for would appreciate a traditional or modern anniversary gift. Be creative and use a loose interpretation of the suggested gifts to find the perfect item for anyone.

Traditional: Lace

  • Lace tablecloth
  • Placemats with lace
  • Linens that have lace on them
  • Clothing with lace
  • Lace undergarments
  • Things that "lace" up--tennis shoes, dress shoes, bowling shoes, ice skates

Modern: Textiles
  • Tapestry
  • Reupholster a favorite chair or stool
  • Hand-woven blanket
  • Rug
  • Quilt

Alternate Modern: Faux Fur
  • Faux fur lined gloves
  • Faux fur outerwear
  • Faux fur rug

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