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In this article, a fellow Do-It-Yourself-Gifts.com reader gives us a great idea for a 1st birthday gift. Thanks for taking the time to share your unique first birthday gift ideas with us!

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1st Birthday Present...For Mom & Dad!

Ok, let’s face it. When it comes to a child’s first birthday, the only people our thoughtful gifts need to impress are the parents.

After all, the child won’t remember this day and mom and dad are probably in need of some well-deserved rest by now, so…loud, ringing and chiming toys are out of the question.

In fact, I say, “Forget the gift altogether!”

You say “What?”

That’s right! Instead, why not go with a simple card. They’re easy on your wallet and don’t require any special wrapping skills. But don’t just pick any card from your local department store.

This card needs to be special.

It’s best to design one from scratch. Remember; it’s not the card itself that will be cherished but what you put inside it that will count most.

Your design skills don’t need to be that of an Art Major either. Something simple, made on your computer will do. If you’re really ambitious, you might even break out the craft supplies and make one out of construction paper and gel pens for that personal touch. It’s really up to you.

Now here’s where we get down to business. This is the important stuff.

Give them your time!

Yes, you heard (err..read) right!

Time is a very valuable and highly sought after resource and since they are still fairly new parents, mom and dad are very limited on how much time they have to themselves, together, alone….

So offer your time spent with the child so that they can get away. It’s a wonderful gift for the parents, the child and even for you.

There are several ways you can do this.

One great example is to add a homemade coupon book inside your card. Some people place scratch tickets inside a card as a gift but in this case, you’ll be placing your very own coupon book entitling them to a set amount of play dates (the amount is set by how many coupons you’ve included) where you will take the child off their hands for several hours thereby freeing up their time to be spent together.

You can even include a short disclaimer at the bottom of each coupon stating a week’s notice is required for planning. That’s just out of respect for your time, which is also very important, right?

If you’re really close to the parents, another idea is to offer an overnight stay with you either at their own home (for both baby and parent’s comfort) or yours.

For the biggest impact, offer an entire weekend.

This is one birthday card they’ll never forget receiving! In fact, this will probably be the most cherished item that baby receives for their 1st birthday.

Whatever idea you decide to go with and place into your card, just remember this:You can’t go wrong offering them some peaceful get away time to themselves.

Parents need it and you’ll forever be in their good books of best gift giver.

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