40th Birthday Favors

I made these 40th birthday favors for my sister's surprise 40th birthday party, and they were a big hit! I placed one at each place setting. Of course, they can be adapted for any age, but they especially make great 40th birthday party favors!

party favors for 40th birthday

Items You'll Need:

  • Small favor tins
  • Printed photos
  • Glue
  • 40th birthday confetti
  • Round white stickers
  • Candy

To Make Personalized Birthday Favors:

1. Purchase small tins with clear tops. I used tins by Wilson that I purchased at Michaels store.

2. Stick round white sticker to the clear top cover. Make sure there is enough area around the sticker for the candy to show through. Usually these are included with the tins, but if not, you can make your own circles with plain white paper and a glue stick.

3. Use a glue stick to apply a small photo of the person to the center of the white sticker. Glue a piece of 40th confetti to the corner of the photo (the kind that comes in a bag to spread on tables).

40th Party Favors

4. Fill each tin with candy. For mine, I used candy that was popular when she was little. You're finished! Aren't they cute?

40th Birthday Party Favors

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