5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Ideas for the Perfect 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on five years of marriage! This is a milestone year, so you need to find a gift idea that's as special as this anniversary is.

5 Year Anniversary Gifts

  • Traditional American Anniversary Gift: Wood
  • Modern Anniversary Gift: Silverware
  • 5th Anniversary Flower: Daisy
  • 5th Anniversary Gemstones: Sapphire. Alternate: Pink Tourmaline
  • 5th Anniversary Color: Turquoise

Decide whether the person you are buying for would appreciate a traditional or modern anniversary gift. Be creative and use a loose interpretation of the suggested gifts to find the perfect item for anyone.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Wood

  • Jewelry box
  • Dresser valet organizer
  • Picture frame with a wedding photo or a poem in it
  • A tree to plant in your yard--fun to watch it grow as the years go by and say "remember when we planted that on our 5th anniversary?"
  • Things for your garden--birdhouse, bench, wood planter
  • Items for your porch or deck--wood rocking chair, lounge chair, outdoor table set
  • Decorative pieces--wood candle holders or wall hangings
  • Furniture--this is a great time to buy a nice piece of furniture that you'll have for years to come
  • Items for your desk--wood desk clock, pencil cup, desktop organizer
  • Wood keepsake box or figurine

Modern: Silverware

  • Everday flatware to add to your casual set
  • Fine flatware to add to your formal set
  • Silver set
  • Tableware--serving dishes, pitchers, platters, nut bowls, trays, spreaders, bowls, coffee pots, tea pots, salt and pepper shakers
  • Silver flask

5 year wedding anniversary gifts

If you cannot decide on anything from
the list above, consider giving the gift of daisies (the 5th wedding anniversary flower). Attach a seed packet to the top of your gift, buy them fresh cut or potted at a garden center, or present your spouse with daisies that you grew on
your own. When shopping for the traditional white and yellow daisies, don't forget about gerber daisies...they come in so many bright and beautiful colors! Not into live flowers? Find something that has a picture of a daisy on it.

Alternative 5 Year Anniversary Gift

Still can't decide? Go with a favorite--jewelry! The gemstones associated with the 5th anniversary are sapphire and pink tourmaline. You can find these gems in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, cuff links, and tie tacs.

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