50th Birthday Card Idea

This 50th birthday card idea was submitted to us by a Do-It-Yourself-Gifts.com reader and fellow crafter, Amanda Dion.

Homemade Card for 50th Birthday

I am always creating homemade gifts for all holidays. I find what better gift to give then one you did yourself! One of my favorite ones, that my dad just LOVED, was his card for his 50th birthday.

I took a piece of bristol board and folded it in half to create the card (Yep, the card was that big!). I decorated the front with "Happy 50th Birthday Dad!" that were cut out of foam. Nice and bright! With a string I attached a pair of reading glasses from the dollar store, highest magnification I could find. This was in case dad couldn't read the writing on the card.

On the inside there was more colorful decorations and an envelope. Inside that envelope there were pictures of each family member - all the kids, his girlfriend and the grand kids. Each picture was mounted on a piece of construction paper, and each piece of construction paper was a different bright color. I had everyone write something on the back of their picture, wishing dad a happy birthday, or whatever they wanted to tell him.

With that card I also made him a collage picture. I took all my favorite pictures with dad and used photo editing programs to create a nice collage. I used pictures from all years of my life - from a baby to present day. I printed this and framed it as an added gift. (And I also made myself a copy too!).

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