Do It Yourself Gifts Guide To
8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Ideas to Help You Find the Perfect 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on eight years of marriage! With the divorce rate at 41-50% (in America), eight years is nothing to sneeze at! When choosing 8th wedding anniversary gifts, be creative and find something that is as special as your relationship has been over the past eight years.

  • Traditional Anniversary Gift (American): Bronze
  • Traditional Anniversary Gift (British): Bronze, Pottery
  • Modern Anniversary Gift: Linens, Lace
  • 8th Anniversary Flower: Clematis
  • 8th Anniversary Gemstones: Tourmaline. Alternate: Tanzanite
  • 8th Anniversary Color: Bronze

Decide whether the person you are buying for would appreciate a traditional or modern anniversary gift. Be creative and use a loose interpretation of the suggested gifts to find the perfect item for anyone.

Traditional (American): Bronze

  • Bronze sculpture
  • Garden items--birdbath, garden sculpture, sundial, weathervane, fountain, windchimes
  • Bronze colored jewelry
  • Bronze lamps

Traditional (British): Bronze, Pottery

  • Go to a pottery studio and make your spouse a gift, or go together to make something as a couple
  • Gift certificate for a pottery class
  • Home decor--vase, bowl, wall plaque

Modern: Linens, Lace

  • Linen Clothing-pants, shirt, jacket
  • Home Decor-linen tablecloth, placements, napkins, shower curtain, sheets
  • Lace tablecloth
  • Placemats with lace
  • Linens that have lace on them
  • Clothing with lace
  • Lace undergarments
  • Things that "lace" up--tennis shoes, dress shoes, bowling shoes, ice skates

8th wedding anniversary gifts

Consider giving Clematis (the 8th anniversary flower) instead of, or in addition to, the above gift ideas. Clematis is a climbing shrub that comes in a lot of different colors. The vines have large, cheery blooms...some blooms can be 6" across! Clematis a perennial vine that can grow up to 10' or more. Most varieties only bloom once a year, but there are some re-bloomers. Plant these near a trellis or fence to give your spouse a beautiful surprise!

Still can't decide what to give? Stick with a long-time favorite--jewelry! Tourmaline with the alternate of Tanzanite are the gemstones associated with this anniversary. You can find buy these gems in a necklace, earrings, ring, pin, tie tac/clip, or cuff links.

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