Affordable Wedding Favors:
Votive Candles

You can make these affordable wedding favors in a matter of minutes, and they turn out so beautiful! Buy your products in bulk, get together an assembly line (bridesmaids work great for this job...), and before you know it, you'll have unique wedding favors for your reception tables.

affordable wedding favors

Items You'll Need to Make Wedding Favors:

  • Glass votive holder
  • Votive candle
  • Stones, beads, or gems
  • Ribbon or rafia
  • Clear treat bag
  • Scrapbook paper, stamps, or other decorations (for gift tag)
  • Scissors


1. Place votive candle into your glass votive holder. Use different colors/scents to match your wedding decor.

Pour stones, gems or glass beads around the candle. Fill the empty space around the candle until it is even with the top of the candle.

inexpensive wedding favors

wedding favor ideas

2. Carefully place your completed project into a clear treat bag, and tie at the top with ribbon or rafia. The candles also look really pretty with tulle fabric tied around them.

Add a personalized wedding favor tag to the ribbon to hold it on. I created the tag below with scrapbook paper, fancy-edged scissors, and a "thank you" stamp.

cheap wedding favors

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