Baby Food Gift Basket

Next time one of your friends or family members has a baby, consider bringing a baby food gift basket to the hospital instead of flowers. Not with baby food for the baby, but for the adults who are staying at the hospital or visiting the new baby.

baby food gift basket

When we were in the hospital with our
son, one of the most thoughtful gifts we received was a gift basket with snacks for our hospital stay. Not only did this help us avoid the high costs of the items in the vending machines, but I also had something to offer people when they came to visit us. As most of you know, hospital food isn't always the best, so it also kept me from starving at times!

Since then, I have made this gift basket for several of my friends, and they all LOVE it! Every time I walk through the hospital on the way to the maternity ward with one of these, people gush over them. If you want to make a useful and unforgettable gift, you can't go wrong with this project!

Suggested Items to Put the Gift Basket:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Bottled drinks
  • Candy/Sweets
  • Chips/Pretzels
  • Chewing gum/breath mints
  • Balloon on a stick
  • Favorite items for siblings when they visit
  • Roll of change for the vending machines

Put all of your items in a pretty basket that the new parents can use again. If you're items are falling too far down into the basket, scrunch up some tissue paper and put it under the items. Use a clear cellophane basket bag to wrap it in, and tie it closed with a bow (or a bib if you want to be really creative).

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