Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Baby gift ideas...now here's an area that I have A LOT of experience in! With four children of my own, I have loads of unique baby present ideas.

baby gift ideas

I know what gifts we received that we loved when our children were born, and I also remember the ones we could have lived without.

If you've learned anything about me on this site, you've probably already guessed what my favorite baby gift ideas are...that's right...homemade baby gifts!

Below you'll find some of my all-time-favorite projects and ideas for that special new baby in your life.

Unique Baby Gift Ideas:

Clothing Gift Basket
This is such a unique baby gift basket idea! Don't just wrap up clothing for baby...instead, display it in this creative way.

Personalized Baby Onesies
Onesies are a staple of almost every baby's wardrobe, so why not give them a creative touch? You have endless options to make a custom shirt!

Snack Basket for the Hospital
Unique alternative to the traditional gift of flowers at the hospital. Make this pretty gift basket that they'll get a lot of use out of.

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