Baby Shower Invitation Idea:
Mom's Profile Invites

This is a great baby shower invitation idea that I'm sure you're guests have never seen. If you can convince the mom-to-be to go along with the idea it will be adorable!

baby shower invitation idea

There are two ways to make this invitation:

  • Follow the directions below.

    - or -

  • Use your photo editing software to brighten your photograph to make it look like a background image. Print the wording directly onto the photo (with no vellum overlay).

Items You Need to Make this Invite...
  • Side profile photo of your mom-to-be
  • Patterned scrapbook paper
  • Solid cardstock paper
  • Vellum paper
  • 4 brads

Step One

Cut a piece of patterned scrapbook paper to your desired size. This will become the back piece of you invitation, so therefore it is the largest in size. In my example, I cut it 7" wide by 5.25" high.

Step Two

Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock paper 1/2" smaller than your patterned piece of paper.

Step Three

Print the photo of your mom-to-be on a sheet of regular or photo paper and cut it 1/2" smaller (both for width and height) than your colored sheet of cardstock. This doesn't have to be a profile could use any photo of her, or even a copy of the ultrasound photo.

Step Four

Print your baby shower wording onto a sheet of vellum and cut it to the same size as the photo.

Step Five

Attach the layers together with a brad in each corner of the photo/vellum.

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