Beach Themed Wedding Favors

These beach themed wedding favors can be put together in a matter of minutes! Corked bottles look so pretty with pastel candies in them, and instantly create a beach feeling.

Items You'll Need:

  • Small corked bottles
  • Pastel heart candies
  • Rafia
  • Homemade gift tag
  • Shells


1. Fill corked bottles to the top with pastel heart candies. Personalized M&Ms also look really cool in these bottles.

2. Tie rafia ribbon around the top and attach a gift tag that says "Thank you for sharing our day." I made my tag with scrapbook paper and glued a small shell to the gift tag.

3. Spread small shells in circles on your reception tables, and place the bottles in the center. If you don't mind the mess, a small pile of sand with the bottle sitting in it looks neat at each place setting (and sand is less expensive than shells when you buy it in a large bag).

beach themed wedding favors

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