Need a Gift for a Man?
Make a Beer Cake!

My Dad just had a birthday, and I made him this adorable beer cake! Those of you who follow my site have probably heard me talk about how difficult it is to buy for my father. I finally made a gift that he really liked :)

I've seen this idea floating around on the internet, but it seemed like the beer could easily fall off. I found a way to hold the whole cake together, and give it a bit of a "manly" look...duct tape! What man doesn't love duct tape?

Items You'll Need to Make a Beer Cake:

  • 24 can pack of his favorite beer (or other canned beverage)
  • 3 cardboard cake rounds
  • Duct tape
  • Adhesive glue dots (optional)
  • Ribbon

To Assemble:

1. Start with 3 different sized cardboard cake rounds (found in the baking section of most craft stores). The store I was in only carried a three pack in the same size (all 12"), so I used a compass to cut two of the boards down to different sizes: 8" and 10".

2. Lay your boards out and arrange your beer around the outside of each cardboard round as shown:

3. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL STEP - Using small adhesive glue dots (found in the scrapbook aisle), attach each beer down to the cardboard round. I would only do this if you're not planning to use duct tape. I started to use the dots, and found that the duct tape around the outside held it together just as well.

4. Use duct tape to tape all the way around the outside of the circle, making sure each can is stuck to it.

5. Stack each layer, from biggest to smallest, to create your "cake."

6. Use duct tape to tape the layers together. I put it on the same way that I would put ribbon on a package...all the way around one direction, then all the way around the next direction.

7. Place a ribbon around the whole cake (optional) to finish it off. It will look something like this:

Make sure you carry it from the bottom because it is HEAVY!

Reader Submission

Here is another version of the beer cake submitted to us by Debbie, a fellow reader that lives in Virginia.

She made her "cake" with 30 cans (instead of 24). Her layers have 12, 9, and 6 cans around the outside, and one can in the center of each layer for support.

Thanks for sharing, Debbie! If you make your own version of this cake, or want to submit any other gift project ideas to be featured on our site, you can share them here.

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