Cheap Baby Shower Favors:
Wrapped Jordan Almonds

These cheap baby shower favors have been seen at baby showers for years! Why are they so popular? Two, they're easy to put together...and two, they're inexpensive to make!

Items You'll Need:

  • Jordan Almonds
  • Ribbon
  • Tulle fabric
  • Scissors
  • Decorations


1. Spread out a circular OR square piece of tulle fabric. The shapes will look a little different when complete, so test to see what you like. I bought these pre-cut circular tulle pieces with fancy edges in a craft store.

2. Place Jordan Almonds in the center. If you don't know if it's a boy or girl, use both pink and blue. If you know the gender, you can make it one color. Putting all the pastel colors in the tulle also looks pretty.

inexpensive baby shower favors

3. Bring the edges up on all sides to create a "bag" in the middle for the almonds. Tie at the top with a pretty ribbon.

4. Attach a baby-themed decoration to the ribbon. I choose diaper pins in pink and blue for this example. If you check your local craft store, they have many other little plastic baby objects to select from.

cheap baby shower favors

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