Cheap Valentines Day Gifts

First, let me start by saying that I don't like using the phrase "cheap Valentines Day gifts." It makes it sound like these gifts are not special, when in fact, they are better than any Valentine's Day gift that money can buy!

You know the doesn't buy happiness, right? The thought and energy you put into these inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts will be more appreciated than any gift you can buy at a store.

Below is a list of my favorite cheap Valentines Day gift ideas for you to give your sweetie this Valentine's Day. You know the best part? Most of them are free (or almost free)!

  • Coupons- Create coupons (by hand or using your computer)that your partner can use anytime, such as a massage, one lawn mowing, one car wash, favorite dinner cooked, etc.

  • Letter- Sometimes you can express your feelings better on paper, and it's free! A letter telling him/her how you feel will be cherished for years to come.

    Cheap Valentines Day Gifts

  • Breakfast in Bed- Make his/her favorite breakfast and serve it on a tray in bed. Make the food heart-shaped if possible (toast cut into a heart using a cookie cutter, and egg cooked in the shape of a heart, heart pancakes, etc.).

  • CD Mix- I know, this may seem a little cheesy, but they're sure to love it! Put all of his/her favorite songs on a disc--they don't have to be romantic--just songs you know they'll love. If you do decide to make them romantic, click here for a list of romantic love songs .

  • Collage- Make it using photos that are important to the two of you in your relationship.

  • Homemade Dinner- Make them their favorite dinner at home. Add candles and soft music, and it can be just as romantic (if not more) than a restaurant.

  • Slide Show- Most computers now have software to convert your pictures into a DVD video slide show.

  • Watch a Romantic Movie- Make popcorn and sit in the dark...just like you're at the movies! It doesn't have to be a romantic movie...try watching a type of movie that he or she likes, but you don't usually watch with them. If you're married, you could watch your wedding video.

  • Make or Bake Homemade Sweets- Make yummy chocolates by simply melting chocolate morsels and putting them in a mold while they're still liquid. Pop them in the freezer, and you have expensive-looking chocolates! You could also try making a giant cookie , fortune cookies , a fruit bouquet , some chocolate covered strawberries , a candy bar bouquet , or some heart-shaped cupcakes .

  • Balloons- Fill his/her car with helium balloons while they're at work, and leave a note in their car telling them what they mean to you. Make sure you pack the car full of them so they'll float out when they open the door! This will be one of those cheap Valentines Day gifts they'll always remember!

    Another idea using helium balloons is to write messages on slips of paper and put them inside balloons. Have them filled with helium and put long ribbons on them. Place them all over the house, resting against the ceiling with the ribbons hanging down. Hand them a pin, and let them pop them one at a time to reveal a heartfelt message inside.

  • "Hire" a Babysitter- Sitters can be really expensive, so find another couple who would be willing to trade baby-sitting nights. For example, you watch their kids on Friday night, and they'll watch yours on Saturday night.

  • Scavenger Hunt- Write clues on sheets of paper to have them search for their homemade gift. The clues can be funny, or based on "inside jokes" or things that are special in your relationship.

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