How to Decorate Clay Flower Pots
For Your Favorite Teacher

Decorated clay flower pots make a cute gift for your teacher. I can come up with many, many ways for painting flower pots, but the idea below is one of my favorites!

Clay Flower Pots

For this simple project, you'll use terra cotta flower pots to create a unique teachers present.

Cover each terra cotta flower pot with black chalkboard paint (found at your local hardware or craft store), and allow it to dry.

After your clay pot dries, fill it with soil and your favorite house plant.

Stick a small sign in it (I used scrapbook paper glued to a popsicle stick) that says "Thanks for Helping Me Grow." Decorate the outside of the pot with a message in chalk.

Your teacher is sure to love this gift, and can change the outside of the painted flower pots to match the season!

* Additional Ideas:

  • You don't need to use large flower pots (as I did in the above example). Small flower pots can be just as cute with a little cactus or other small plant in them.

  • Want to give a little more with your decorative flower pots? Include extra chalk, gardening gloves, seeds, or a small watering can with your gift.

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