Creative Gift Wrap

>This is one of my favorite creative gift wrap ideas! Follow this project to create your own unique and personalized wrapping paper with your photographs.

Creative Gift Wrap


  • Photographs
  • White Mat Board in Desired Size
  • Clear Tape
  • Ribbon


1. Arrange photographs on the white board (I use poster board), overlapping them as desired.

2. Using small rings of tape, secure the backs of the photographs to the mat board.

3. Take the photo-covered mat board to a copy center and photocopy the arrangement in black and white as many times as desired (Note: To make gift wrap for a small packages, you may want to reduce the image size on the photocopies).

4. Wrap the gifts as desired. Pick a coordinating ribbon to tie around it. Black or black and white patterned ribbon looks great with the black and white print paper.

Useful Tip!
To make colored wrap, choose color photographs and a coordinating color of mat board. Make colored copies at the copycenter.

Additional Ways to Use This Creative Gift Wrap Idea:

  • Use nameplates, old photos from work, ID badges, patches, business cards, or a combination of all of these to wrap a retirement gift.

  • Collect a photo from each year of school, old report cards, notes from teachers, childhood drawings, or school logos/mascots to wrap a graduation gift.

  • Photos from throughout the school year to wrap a teacher gift .

  • Family wedding photos or pictures from when the bride and groom were young to wrap a wedding gift .

  • Use pictures of a new house to wrap a housewarming gift in.

  • To wrap a baby gift, use photos of the new mom and dad from when they were babies, or perhaps pictures of the mom while she was pregnant.

  • Map or flag of birth country, referral photos, first family photos, or a combination of any of these to wrap an adoption gift .

  • Photos of Mom and child(ren) for Mother's Day, and Dad with
    child(ren) for Father's Day.

  • Gather pictures of the happy couple throughout the years to use for anniversary gift wrapping.

  • For unique birthday paper, assemble old birthday photos of the person--maybe a photo from each year in front of their cake, or from birthday parties when they were younger.

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