Easter Bunny Plant

I'm going to be honest and tell you that I didn't make this Easter bunny plant, but I bought it at our local grocery store and just had to share it with you! I think it's so adorable,and seems fairly simple to make.

It's made using a mum plant, and two sticks with decorations on them (one in front of the mum, and one behind it). Below are the directions for how I would make this Easter gift if I were to put it together.

(By the way, it's one of those projects that is very hard to explain in written words, so I've tried to convey most of my explanation using photos)

easter bunny

1. Start with a beautiful white mum flower, already in a pot. The mum in this photo measures eight inches tall.

easter bunny 05

2. Wrap some basket or gift wrap around the container and glue or secure it on with a ribbon. Add some Easter grass to the top of the pot where the soil is. Don't have Easter grass? You can try making your own .

easter bunny 07

3. Now you must create the decorative sticks that will be placed in the front and back of the mum (the face and the ears).

easter bunny 06

Let's first look at how the ears were made.

easter bunny 11

At some craft stores, you can buy pipe cleaners that have two "fat bumps" on each end, and are thin in the middle (see the template in the photo above, and please excuse my imperfect cutting attempt at the shapes of the pipe cleaners). If you cannot find these, regular pipe cleaners will do.

First, fold the two white pipe cleaners in half. Cut the pink pipe cleaner into two equal sections, and twist them over and onto the middle of the white pipe cleaners for each ear:

easter bunny 13

Gather the ends of the pipe cleaners for each ear together, and hot glue them to a small green plant stake (or a bamboo skewer that you've painted or colored green). Make sure the stake is slightly taller than the plant so that the ears will stick above it in the back.

4. To make the face, you will need to follow the template below:

easter bunny 08

For the face, you'll need:

  • 2 googly eyes
  • 4 shorts pieces of white pipe cleaner(for whiskers)
  • one small pom-pom (for nose)
  • two medium pom-poms (for cheeks)
  • one small square of heavyweight paper or cardboard (to glue the above items to)

    Begin by gluing the small heavyweight paper square to your green plant stake. This will form the base for the eyes, whiskers, and cheeks to be glued to.

    easter bunny 09

    Flip the stake over (so that the stick is now to the back), and hot glue your items to the small square as shown:

    easter bunny 10

    4. When the face and ears are done, simply push the sticks down into the soil...the face in front of the flower, and the ears behind it.

    Here's what it will look like from the front:

    easter bunny 02

    And from the side...

    easter bunny 03

    And from the top...

    easter bunny 04

    You can sprinkle the mum with glitter if you choose (optional). Pink was used in this example.

    Also, it isn't shown on this plant, but I think gluing a cotton ball on the back of the planter as a tail would be really cute!

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