Easter Flower Pots

I love to give Easter flower pots filled with spring flowers...they make perfect gifts!

Easter Flowers

Sure you can buy fresh cut flowers, but they soon die. Potted plants can be be enjoyed indoors (they smell wonderful...), and most can be planted outside when the climate permits.

This chart lists flowers that represent spring and their meanings:

Spring Flowers/Plants

Spring Flowers Names
CyclamenTimidity, shyness
Forget-me-notTrue love
Lily of the ValleyReturn of happiness
PinkPure love
PrimroseYoung one
RanunculusRadiant charm
Tulip (red)I love you
Tulip (yellow)Hopeless love
Tulip (variegated)Beautiful eyes
WallflowerFaithful against the odds

I'm sure that their is someone on your list who doesn't want the traditional candy gift for Easter! Use one of the easter flowers from the list above and put it in a custom pot for a perfect present.

I like to use clay pots and paint the outside with fun springtime designs. Once they trasplant the flower outdoors, they can still use the painted pot to grow a new flower in the future.Check craft stores and garden centers for other unique planting containers. Don't forget about hanging flower pots...they make wonderful gifts, too!

Although it is not listed above, one of my favorite flowers to put in a container is a hydrangea. They come back year after year, and eventually become large flowering bushes. They are beautiful, and come in many different colors.

Sunflowers are also fun to give. Start the seed early indoors, and once it has a big bloom, it is ready to give! It can be replanted outdoors to be enjoyed for several months.

Do you have someone on your list that enjoys gardening? Don't plant the flower in the pot for them...let them do it themselves! Buy a clay pot, and fill it with the essentials they'll need to grow their own flowers...a small bag of soil, flower seeds or bulbs, gardening gloves, small shovel, watering can (only if you have a large clay pot!), plant fertilizer, paint/paintbrushes (to decorate the outside of their clay pot), etc. This is an especially great Easter gift idea for kids!

Have fun creating your unique flower pots! They'll remember this gift long after the chocolates are gone.

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