DIY Easter Grass for Baskets

I don't know about you, but that pesky Easter grass that you buy for Easter baskets ends up EVERYWHERE in my house! I find it for months after Easter, sticking to just about every surface in our house.

I decided that we needed an alternative Easter grass for our baskets this year, so I started shredding various papers that I found around our house. Not only are you recycling paper, but the shredded paper doesn't stick to anything when your kids dump their baskets all over the floor :)

easter basket grass

Here are a few ideas (you just need a shredder and some paper):

Shredded Scrapbook Paper or Construction Paper

easter grass for baskets

Newspaper or Junk Mail (finally a good use for all of that junk mail!)

easter grass

Old atlas pages (it's time to get rid of that atlas you don't use anymore thanks to GPS!)

how to make easter grass

Do you like the deviled eggs in this photo? They are made of chocolate! Click here to learn how to make your own. They are a very unique Easter basket stuffer, and are so simple to make!

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TIP: To make your "grass" look fuller, and not just lay flat in the basket, take a handful at a time and scrunch it in your hand.

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