Edible Fruit Bouquet

An edible fruit bouquet is the perfect way to say thank you! Not only is it a practical alternative for flowers, a fresh fruit bouquet can be given to both men and women for any occasion!

Edible Fruit Bouquet

I love the company Edible Arrangements that is popular here in the United States (it's a company that will deliver a bouquet make of fruit for you). I've ordered a fresh fruit bouquet a few times using them. However, their prices are pretty high, so I decided that I'd create my own fruit bouquets at home.

This is a little time consuming (which is probably why Edible Arrangements has to charge so much), but the results are well worth it! As with anything, the more times you make an edible fruit bouquet, the faster it will go.

Items You'll Need For Fresh Cut Fruit Bouquets:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Container to hold the fruit in
  • Florist foam
  • Wood skewer sticks
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cutting Board

How to Make Fruit Bouquet

1. Cut up fresh fresh fruit in the shapes desired. I would stick to these fruits because they do not turn brown or leak all over: Honeydew Melon, Cantalope Melon, Strawberries, Grapes (purple or green), Fresh Pineapple (not canned), Rasberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries.

Fresh Fruit Bouquets

Edible Fruit Flower Bouquet

OPTIONAL STEP: You may want to dip some of the fruit in chocolate to add a tasty touch (my favorites to dip are the strawberries and pineapple)! If so, melt chocolate in the microwave or on low heat.

If using the microwave, be sure to only set it for 15-30 seconds at a time, then take it out and stir it. If using the stove top, stir frequently while it's melting. You don't want to burn your chocolate! Once that happens, you cannot fix it. I use almond bark chocolate, but you can use any chocolate you wish.

Dip the fruit into the chocolate and put it on a piece of wax paper to cool and harden. You may want to place it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or so to harden it.

Edible Fruit Bouquet

2. Arrange the fruit onto the wood skewers.

Bouquet Made of Fruit

3. Place the florist foam into the container. You can use any type of container...I used a fruit basket in this example, but you could put this in a planter, a small pail, or even a coffee mug (if you want to make a small fruit bouquet)...whatever you decide!

Fruit Flower Bouquet

4. Stick the skewers into the florist foam, and arrange them into a fruit flower bouquet. Fill in the spaces with larger pieces like melons to hide the sticks.

Fruit Bouquets

Making fruit bouquets too far in advance will make them look like they are not fresh. You can assemble the skewers ahead of time and put them in the refrigerator. Wait until the last mintue to assemble the fresh fruit bouquet gift basket.

Wrap a clear basket wrap bag around the whole thing, and top it with a bow.

Edible Fruit Bouquet

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