Unique Fathers Day Craft
from Young Children

This is such a cute Fathers Day craft from little ones! It's very inexpensive to make (you probably have the supplies around your house...), and will keep them busy crafting for awhile so you can get something done :-)

What You'll Need:

  • 1 small piece of poster board
  • Photograph
  • Puzzle
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Directions to Make this Fathers Day Craft:

fathers day craft

1. Use a photograph that you have, or print out a photo of your child with your computer. It can be one that he/she is alone in or with siblings, or a photo of your child(ren) with their Dad. The size of this photo will become the basis for your frame.

2. Using the poster board, cut a square that will become your frame. Make it about 1 inch bigger than your photo. In this example my photo is 6 inches, and my poster board square is 7 inches.

3. Cut out a square in the center of your larger square for the photo to show through. Leave enough of the frame to hide the edges of the photo. In my example I left 1.5 inches for the frame, and cut a 5.5 inch square in the center. This leaves .5 inch to glue my photo onto the back.

4. Using puzzle pieces (I used an old puzzle that we'd lost pieces to), decorate the frame. If you want to help out with this part, a hot glue gun goes fast. However, if you want your child to do this all on his/her own, it can be done.

Have them spread glue all over the frame, and lay a layer of pieces down. Continue adding glue and pieces until none of the frame shows, and it looks how you want it to. Let it dry.

5. After your frame is completely dry, flip it over and glue your photo onto the back. Remember, if you left enough of the frame, the photo should overlap to allow for gluing.

6. Now lets make the back of our frame. Trace the outside of your frame onto the poster board. Draw "flaps" on two opposite sides of the square. These will be folded back to make the frame stand. In my example, my flaps are 3 inches at their widest part, I drew my design on one side, then made a template out of paper to draw the other side the same. Cut the back out and fold the flaps inward, keeping the same original size square in the middle.

fathers day crafts

7. Glue the back square onto your puzzle frame. Let it dry, and you're finished! You've created a cute little Father's Day gift for him. Have your child sign the back of the frame and date it.

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