Unique Fathers Day Gifts

I love Father's Day, but finding unique Fathers Day gifts is always a challenge! Most men will say they don't need anything.

Fathers Day Gifts

Coming up with Fathers Day gifts for my Dad is next to impossible! He owns a hardware store, so tools are out; He doesn't like clothes (of course he wears them, but just doesn't like to receive them as gifts), so anything from the mens department is not an option; He'd love for me to fill him up with candy and sweets...but my Mom would disagree with that decision! So, that leaves me in the same position every year...STUCK for an original Fathers Day gift idea!

To top it off, I have four young children who depend on me to find a unique Father's Day gift for their Daddy every year. You guessed it...my husband is a minimalist and is really hard to buy for also! After all, they say you marry a man like your father, right? I'm beginning to see the truth behind that saying...

So, what's a girl in my position supposed to do? Seek out creative Fathers Day gifts of course (and share them with you)!

Fathers play such a huge part in the family, and their day-to-day contributions can sometimes go unnoticed. This Father's Day, resolve to do something special for your Dad (or your children's father), and create something that he'll cherish the whole year through!

Homemade Father's Day Gifts:

Beer Cake
Create this beer "cake" using a 24 pack of his favorite beer (or other canned beverage), along with a few simple items from the craft store. He'll love it!

Custom Father's Day CD
Use this list of Father's Day songs to make your Dad a personalized CD using your home computer. Create a custom CD case cover to go along with it.

Puzzle Frame from Young Child
You may already have the items you need around your house to create this adorable and inexpensive Father's Day present. Perfect homemade Father's Day gift from little ones.

Custom Screen Printed Father's Day Shirt
This gift turns out so cute! Use this simple method of screen printing at home to create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that he'll love!

"Dad, I'm Nuts About You!"
Unique project to add to a Fathers Day gift basket, or as a small Fathers Day gift from kids. Great project for classrooms!

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