Flower Pot Pen Project

I adore this flower pot pen project! We've all seen these fun pens at banks or offices, and many of us have wondered how they were made.

Flower Pens

I've made this project for the past few years for my children's teachers, and they have not stopped talking about how much they love it. The truth is, it is really easy to create, and is inexpensive as far as teacher gifts go...each pot full of flower pens costs me about $10.00 total to make (you can probably make them cheaper if you watch for sales).

Unlike most teacher gifts, they actually get A LOT of use out of this, and it looks so cute sitting on their desk!

How to Make Flower Pens in a Pot

Flower Pot Pens


  • Flower pot, glass vase, or coffee mug
  • Faux flowers
  • Pens
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pinto beans, glass marbles,
    or decorative stones

Directions for Flower Pen Project:

1. Paint a clay pot with your desired color and pattern. I had my children paint the pots for their teachers, and I wrote "Thank You for Helping Me Grow!" at the top (another cute saying would be "Teachers are the Flowers in the Garden of Life"). You could also decoupage pictures onto the pot, or use a coffee mug or glass vase for a different look.

How to Make Flower Pot Pens

2. Cut the stem of the flower to about half the size of the pen. If it is a really thick stem, you can take the outside coating off, and only use the interior wire for support.

3. Begin wrapping the pen with the floral tape near the writing tip.

Teacher Gifts

Continue wrapping up the pen until you are half way up.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

4. Hold the flower beside the pen and continue wrapping around the pen and flower wire to hold it to the pen.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

End of Year Teacher Gift

Continue all the way to the top of the pen (the bottom of the flower). Head back down the pen wrapping it with a second layer. Clip the floral tape and tack the end down with a clear craft adhesive glue.

Make Flower Pot Pens

Teacher Gift

5. Fill the flower pot with a type of dried beans (I use pinto beans because they are brown like soil), glass marbles, or decorative stones.

Homemade Teacher Gift

6. Stick the floral pens into the beans and arrange them into a bouquet. If you are sending this gift with your child to school, you may want to put the beans in a plastic bag and put them in the pot with instructions. The teacher can assemble it when she receives it, and it won't dump all over your child's backpack.

Handmade Teacher Gift

Instead of using a clay pot, you could use a glass vase or a coffee mug.

Homemade Teacher Gifts

Directions for Flower Pot Pens

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