Gift For Loss of Pet

Knowing what gift for loss of pet is appropriate can be tricky. Dogs and cats often become a best friend to their owners, so when they pass away, it is a hard time for them.

Pet Loss Sympathy Gift

If you know someone who's recently lost a pet, be sympathetic and try one of these pet bereavement gifts:

Gift for Loss of Pet

  • Send a card with a note that tells about your memories of their pet

  • Framed photo of the pet (with or without owner)

  • Christmas ornament with the pet's photo on it

  • Send a bouquet of flowers with a sympathy note attached

  • A collage made with photos of the pet

  • Gift certificates for restaurants so they don't need to worry about cooking during their time of grieving

  • A memorial stone or potted plant for the pet's grave

  • If you are close to the person, perhaps a new pet will help relieve some of the loneliness (you will want to talk this over with them may be too soon).

Pet Loss Gift Baskets

If you cannot decide on just one pet bereavement gift, try putting a few of the above items into a gift basket and wrapping it with a gift basket cellophane bag wrap.

If the owner has bought or received a new pet after their loss, try filling a gift basket full of things for their new animal. A lot of times an owner will not want to use the same pet bowls, collar, bed, etc. because they bring back too many memories. Give them a "fresh start" for their new pet with new pet supplies.

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