Class Gift Ideas For Teacher

So, your class is looking for gift ideas for teacher? What a perfect concept! Pooling resources and buying one or two "big" gifts--rather than 30 individual #1 teacher knick knacks-- is overwhelmingly preferred by teachers!

Once again, I've bugged my teacher friends to tell me their favorite class gifts that they've received. I'm sure that you'll find one that is perfect for your class!

Gift Card (Absolute Favorite!)
Take up a collection to buy one big gift card. Even $5.00 per parent in a class of thirty adds up to a lot of money--$150.00! It takes the stress out of gift buying for the parents, and gives the teacher something they'll love! Mall or gift cards are perfect because it gives them a lot to choose from. A gift certificate to a spa is also really appreciated--it's something that they may have never done for themselves!

Supplies or Books for the Classroom
Ask the teacher to make a list of supplies and/or books they need for the classroom. Divide up the list and have each parent get one or two items off of the list. This is a terrific gift for new teachers!

Something for Their Home
Have the teacher pick out something for their home that they wouldn't normally buy themselves---a lounge chair for their deck, an end table, a set of lamps, an area rug, fireplace tools, etc. Have each parent donate towards the purchase, and you'll give them something that they're sure to love!

Make a Memory Book
Pick a theme and have each student make a page to put into a memory book. Last year my son's class made a book titled "My Teacher is the Best Teacher in the World Because..." and she absolutely loved it!

Plan a Weekend Getaway
Take up a collection to pay for one or two nights at a local bed and breakfast or hotel. Get a gift certificate for a restaurant near by, and you've got a perfect gift! If some of the parents in the class travel a lot and have frequent hotel points, they may consider donating a free hotel night.

Give the Gift of Service
Prepay for a service that your teacher can use! A babysitter, a cleaning service, car detailing, a personal trainer, a lawn service, etc. Perhaps a few parents in the class can donate a service--use your imaginiation--a mechanic could give a free oil change, someone with a lawn maintenance company could donate one free lawn cutting, a hair dresser could give a free haircut...ask around and see what you come up with!

Give to a Charity
Some teachers would rather have a donation made to charity than receive gifts. Have the children each make him/her a handmade card, and make a donation to a charity of their choice.

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