Good Graduation Gift Idea:
Money in a Frame

Think back to when you graduated, and what you considered a good graduation gift. If you were like most graduates, you appreciated the gifts, but what you really wanted was M-O-N-E-Y! Cash to use for college, or to buy something that you really wanted.

good graduation gift

I love this idea because it's simple to make, and can be given as a middle school graduation gift, a high school graduation gift, or a college graduation gift.

It's more unique than just sticking money in a card, and unlike cards, the frame can be used after the money is taken out.

Items You'll Need:

  • Money (bills)
  • Picture Frame


1. Select a frame to use. You can use several frames and put a little money in each, or just stick to one. If you're feeling crafty, you can buy a plain frame and use paint or other accessories to jazz it up.

2. Fold money to fit in the frame, leaving the head on the bill showing:

high school graduation gifts

If you want to put several bills in one frame, you can arrange them flat like this:

college graduation gifts

Or make a design using the bills in a larger frame:

graduation gifts

3. Wrap your frame and attach a gift tag. Some cute sayings for the tag are:

  • To a picture perfect graduate
  • You are a picture of success

Additional Ideas

  • Place a photo behind the money. It will be a special surprise for them when they take the money out.
  • Use gift cards instead of cash.
  • Don't just use this idea for graduation! Also makes a great wedding shower gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, baby shower gift, or any other occasion when you may gift money.

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