Edible Halloween Eyes

My kids think these Halloween eyes are so cool! They take just minutes to make, and look really great when they're done. Placed in a clear plastic bag, these make great trick-or-treat or classroom gifts.

Halloween Eyes

Items You'll Need (makes 8):

  • 16 Doughnut holes (2 per skewer)
  • 8 Bamboo skewers
  • White chocolate chips/chunks-1 bag
  • Milk/Dark Chocolate Chips (just a few pieces)
  • Red frosting (or white chocolate with food coloring)
  • Clear plastic treat bags
  • Halloween Ribbon

To Make Edible Halloween Eyes:

(Makes about 8 skewers with 2 eyes on each. Amount may vary depending on how thick you put the white chocolate on the doughnut holes)

1. Melt 1 bag of white chocolate chips/chunks according to the instructions on the back of the bag.

2. Immediately roll each doughnut hole in the melted white chocolate, and stick through skewer. Place a dark chocolate chip piece upside down in the center of each eyeball (to create the pupil). Balance the skewer over a bowl to let the white chocolate harden in an even coat.

Halloween Treats

3. After the white chocolate has hardened, make "veins" around the eyeballs using red frosting. Hint: if you don't have red frosting, use a little of your melted white chocolate with red food coloring added. Place it in a plastic sandwich bag, and cut one VERY tiny corner off of one end. Squeeze the frosting out through the small hole to decorate the eyeballs.

Halloween Treat

4. Once everything is solid, place each skewer in a plastic treat bag and secure at the bottom with a ribbon.

*TIP: Want to instantly double the amount of treats you have to give? Instead of using a skewer with two eyeballs, use a black plastic fork and stab it into one eyeball. Cover with a clear treat bag and secure at the bottom with a ribbon.

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