Halloween Gift Wrap Bags

These Halloween gift wrap bags are really easy (and a lot of fun) to make! You can use any size gift bag you want...just don't go too big...remember that you have to fill it up with goodies!

Halloween Gift Wrap

I purchased all three of these plain bags from a craft store, and used a hot glue gun on the lowest setting to adhere the decorations. Craft glue will work just as well.

How I made each Halloween treat bag...

The Spider Treat Bag

I had my son make a "scary" face, and I printed it off my computer onto regular printer paper. I then carefully cut his face out of the picture, getting rid of all background images.

Using a can, I traced a circle onto a black sheet of construction paper to create the "body" of the spider. Black pipe cleaners that were cut and bent became the legs.

I stamped black spiders on the bag, and stamped the words "Happy Halloween" across the top.

The Ghost Treat Bag

I had my daughter make a "scary" face, and I printed and cut it out just as I did on the spider bag.

Using white construction paper, I cut out the shape of a ghost, and cut a hole in the middle to let her face "peek" out of.

I stamped the word "Boo!" across the front of the ghost.

The Witch Treat Bag

The shapes for the witch were cut from colored construction paper, and I glued a black pipe cleaner to form the bottom rim of the hat.

Using a black marker, I wrote "Here's Witching You a Happy Halloween" on the bag.

Remember that these ideas are simply just that...ideas. You don't have to only stick to these patterns! Use them as inspiration and create a one-of-a-kind Halloween gift bag of your own!

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