Halloween Treat Bags

These Halloween treat bags are super simple to make, and can be filled with a variety of Halloween treats. You can find the gloves in bulk at a food service store, or wholesale club (like Sam's Club or Costo).

Halloween Treat Bags

Items Needed for This Project:

  • Gloves
  • Candy or Popcorn
  • Ribbon


1. Use clear plastic food serving gloves (or treat bags in the shape of a glove), and fill them with the candy or popcorn of your choice. In the above photo example, I used candy corn to fill the entire glove on the left, and candy corn in the tips of the fingers with caramel corn for the glove on the right.

2. Leave enough room to pinch the top together, and secure with a Halloween colored ribbon.

These bags are perfect to hand out to your trick-or-treaters, but are also great to take into your child's classroom...kids LOVE them!

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