Easy Halloween Treats

Believe it or not, I made these fancy Halloween treats from items that I had around my house! Okay, I am an avid crafter, so perhaps I have a few more crafty items around than most...but my point is, this is a really simple project to do!

Halloween Treats

To Make these Halloween Treat Bags:

Items You'll Need:

  • Miniature candy bars
  • White address labels
  • Small treat bags
  • Stamps or foam pieces (for decoration)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Card Stock or index cards


1. Stamp or decorate your white address labels however you'd like. I used stamps to make the spiders pictured above, and the other images are foam stickers.

2. Wrap the address labels around the small candy bars.

3. Place the candy bars in the clear plastic treat bags (available near the gift wrap section in craft stores). If you don't have any of these plastic bags, small sandwich bags folded over will work.

4. Using one of the treat bags, trace the exact size of the bag onto a piece of cardstock or heavyweight paper. If you don't have this type of paper, index cards work just as well. Cut the rectangles out, and fold them over to create to halves.

5. Place the top of the open bag between the two side of the folded paper and staple it closed. Decorate the paper as desired.

Here's another Halloween Treat Idea...

Are you thinking of handing out larger candy bars this year? Use a full size white mailing label to wrap it around the outside of the candy, and decorate to your liking! It gives the candy a whole different look, don't you think? On this bar I used a Happy Halloween sticker in the center, and stamped spiders all around it.

Halloween Treat

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