How to Make a
Homemade Gift Box

Make a Homemade Gift Box That They'll Cherish!

I always remember when I receive a gift wrapped in a unique way...don't you? The creativity makes me feel so special. Do you want to make your recipient feel the same way? Then use your imagination and make a homemade gift box!

Gift boxes come in all sizes and shapes, and can be wrapped or decorated in many different ways. You don't always have to purchase gift can get them free when you buy something, or use a box that an item came in. Chances are, if you look around your house right now, you have a stray box or two that could be beautiful with the right decoration.

A great way to bulk up your supply of gift boxes is to always ask for a gift box when you purchase an item at the store (even if it's not a gift). Tuck them all away in the same spot, and you'll have them when you need them.

Now that you have an idea of what box you'll use, let's get creative and decorate it. Look through the craft supplies that you have at home and decide which ones you can use on the box. I like to use (to name a few...)printed photos from my computer, scrapbook paper, sticker letters, rafia, ribbon, glitter, beads, old map paper, things from nature (berries, greens, leaves, flowers, etc.), paint, and just about any of the little decorations that you find down the scrapbooking aisle at craft stores.

Here are a few boxes that I've done to give you some inspiration:

On this box I used fancy edged scissors to cut a square piece of scrapbook paper and glued it to the box. A wide ribbon was glued across the top and stretched around the back and tacked with a piece of tape (for easy opening.) I found the little metal "delightful" plate in the scrapbooking section of our local craft store. A rhinestone was tacked in each corner.

Three alternating pieces of scrapbook paper were glued to the top of this box, and topped off with a photo printed from my computer on regular printer paper.

Again, I used the fancy edged scissors to cut a piece of scrabook paper, and along with a printer photo, glued them to the top. I then put silver letter stickers on, and tied the package with a sage piece of rafia.

I put a solid piece of black ribbon under a black sheet of paper on this box. I then added a black and white photo that I cut up to give it a tiled look. It's topped off with a small black bow.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when making a homemade gift box. However you choose to decorate your box, they're sure to think it's special because you took the time to make it unique.

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