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After the engagement, bridal shower, and wedding, coming up with a unique honeymoon gift idea can be a challenge! Most people don't give the couple a gift for their honeymoon--but, if it's something that you'd like to do, here are some ideas:

  • Give them a basket full of items according to the theme of their honeymoon. For example, if it's a beach honeymoon--beach towels, sunscreen, aloe vera, flip flops, disposable waterproof camera. For a skiing honeymoon--hats, mittens, scarves, handwarmers, chap stick, warm socks, disposable waterproof camera. Give them the basket ahead of time so that they'll know what they won't need to purchase.

  • Find out what hotel the couple is staying at, and have a bottle of champagne/wine and/or flowers waiting for them upon their arrival.

  • Call the hotel they're staying at ahead of time to find out what good restaurants are in the area. Purchase gift certificates to those places.

  • Buy them a book about the area they're going to.

  • Pay for a couple's massage at the hotel/resort they're staying at. If the place they are staying doesn't offer this, find a massage parlor nearby and pay for the massages in advance. The couple will love this after all of the stress of planning the wedding!

  • Give them an empty scrapbook or photo album to fill with photos and memorabilia from their honeymoon.

  • Have two plush robes mongrammed--"Mr. Lastname" on one, and and "Mrs. Lastname" on the other

  • Wheeled Luggage

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