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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Finding unique housewarming gift ideas can be a challenge at first glance. After all, buying a home--whether it's your first or tenth--is a very exciting and special time in ones life.

housewarming gift ideas

We've moved a few times, and have received many memorable house-warming gifts. From candles, serving plates, christmas ornaments, and other home decor useful (and a little more expensive) things like a grill or household appliances.

In our first home, my sister bought us a new toilet as a housewarming gift! No joke. I know, it sounds crazy...but we were newlyweds who were broke after buying our first home, and a new toilet is something we really needed for the house. As strange as it sounds, we loved that toilet, and at the time, it was the best present we could have received!

As you can see, a housewarming gift doesn't have to be a trinket or say "new home" on it. It can be almost long as it's either 1) Meaningful, or 2) Practical. Take time to get to know what the person (or people) buying the home really need. Ask them questions in passing about things they'll need to buy for their new place. Look around their current home and get a feel for their taste in decorating. Use the clues before you to find a gift that will be cherished for years to come (even if it is a toilet)!

Some of my favorite housewarming gift ideas...

  • Instead of a flowers, make them an edible fruit bouquet
  • A doorknocker--plain or with their last name engraved on it.
  • A tree to plant in the yard. It's fun to watch it grow and say "we planted that tree the year we bought this house."
  • Small appliances-blender, toaster, mixer, coffee maker
  • Christmas ornament-with a picture of their new home on it and the year.
  • Basket of cleaning supplies-fill a gift basket with things to clean their new home cleaner, furniture polish, dishwashing detergent, rags, tile cleaner, toilet brush and cleaner, etc.
  • Gift certificate for a cleaning service (especially if they've purchased a house with a previous owner...they can move into it in sparkling clean condition).
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants--so they can take a break from the unpacking and not have to worry about what's for dinner.
  • Home decor items-candlesticks, lamps, tableware, cookware/bakeware, pillows, picture frames, fireplace tools, fireplace screen, plants
  • Outdoor items-planters, lawn furniture, birdbath, birdhouse, thermometer, windchimes, doormat, address plaque, grill
  • Garden tools-wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, weed trimmer, lawn mower
  • Garden basket-put garden gloves, bulbs, seeds, small gardening tools, and a gift certificate to a garden center in a gift basket.
  • Stationary or address labels with their new information (you can make these items on your home computer). Put these in a little gift basket along with some address change cards.
  • Check to see if the house needs something new--a door, light fixture, doorbell, sink fixture, ceiling fan, closet organizer, etc.
  • Gift of service-offer to help do yardwork, paint rooms, scrub cabinets, organize shelves or closets, unpack boxes, set up kids rooms...people can always use a little help when they buy a new home.
  • Furniture-if a few people chip in towards a piece of furniture it would make a great group gift.
  • A bound book with your personal handwritten recipes in it. Make a cover that says "From Our Home to Yours"

If you still can't decide what to give after looking over the above housewarming gift ideas, stick with a favorite--a gift certificate! To a garden center, home improvement store (like Home Depot or Lowe's), or a general store like Target where they can get just about anything they still need.

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