How to Make an Envelope

Want to learn how to make an envelope to match your custom invitations? You've come to the right place!

make your own envelopes

Envelopes can be made in any size, shape, or color. For a coordinated look, you can even make an envelope using the same paper that you used for your invitation.

The options are endless!

Below I've described how to make two traditional basic style envelopes: one with pointed flaps, and one with rounded flaps. Both designs have the same outcome--a beautiful envelope--but each style has a unique feeling.

How to Make Envelopes:

Traditional Style Envelope

Use a regular piece of printed scrapbook paper (or other type of paper if you prefer). Cardstock works, but it's more difficult to bend, and doesn't create the best results.

1. On the back side of the paper, place your invitation in the center of the sheet. Using a ruler, make a line on the bottom, top, and sides of the invitation. The lines should extend to the edge of the paper in each direction. The square it creates in the center of the paper will become the front of your envelope.

how to make an envelope

2. Remove your card, and lightly mark the following measurements using a pencil:

  • Half way across the top side of where the envelope will be.
  • Half way across the bottom side of where the envelope will be

Next, measure the height of the square part of the envelope and divide it by two. Measure up from the two half way dots that you just made, and make a mark on the top and bottom. For example, if your envelope is 6 inches high, you want to come up three inches from your first top mark, and three inches down from your first bottom mark. I tried to take a photo, but you may or not be able to see the marks on your computer screen:

how to make your own envelope

3. Measure up approximately 1/2 inch on both of the bottom corners of the top flap and make a mark. Draw a line from this point to the top center point. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom flap.

To create side flaps, measure 1/2 inch along the upper left edge of the right hand flap and make a mark (see photo--I put red arrows there so that you can see the dots better).

create your own envelope

4. Make a second mark half way down the right edge of the right hand flap. Draw a diagonal line connecting these two points. Repeat the procedure with the left hand flap (again, see the photo with the red arrows for guidance).

create your own envelopes

5. To remove excess bulk, so that the envelope folds smoothly, trim a small wedge off the sides of each flap (I colored the wedges in black in the photo and put arrows were they should be).

homemade envelopes

6. Cut out your envelope, and fold the along the lines. I find that placing it on the "good" side and pulling the back side over to fold is easier (because you can see the lines) than trying to figure out where the lines are when you are folding down on them.

handmade envelopes

7. Fold the two sides over first. They should slightly overlap, and where they do, tack them down with your glue stick. Next, fold the bottom up and glue that down, too. After you place your card inside, repeat with the top flap. Your done! Doesn't it look great?

how to make envelopes

Rounded Corner Square Envelope

To make this rounded corners envelope, you'll need a square card that is even on all sides.

1. Place the card in the center of the back side of your paper. Using a pencil, lightly trace around your card.

2. Measure one side of your card, and determine what the half way point is. Put a small mark there on each side of the square.

make my own envelopes

3. Using a compass, place the point on each dot, and the pencil tip on the corner of the square. Draw a half circle until you reach the other side of the square. Repeat for all sides.

how to create envelopes

Your completed image should look like this:

making your own envelopes

4. Cut out your envelope. Fold two sides across to meet each other, and one flap up to cover the two sides. Tack them in place using a glue stick. Once your invitation is inside, use the glue stick to close the fourth and final flap.

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