How to Make Dog Toys

You don't have to be an expert to learn how to make dog toys! You can make your own dog toys from many objects that you have around the house. A basket of homemade dog toys makes a great gift for a pet, and will cost you very little to make.

How to Make Dog Toys

Pets are like children in that they would rather play with the packaging that a toy comes in than the toy itself. Take advantage of this natural curiosity, and make some dog toys that will keep him busy for hours!

How to Make Your Own Dog Toys

Plastic Container with Treats

Here is one of my favorite homemade dog toys because it is so easy to make, but will probably be one of his most entertaining toys! Put a whole bunch of these in a basket as a gift for a new dog and secure a clear basket gift bag over the top for a perfect gift.

Items You'll Need:

  • Plastic jug or bottle with lid - I like milk jugs or empty bottles from juice or soda.
  • Scissors
  • Dog treats (you can make your own dog treats if you want!)


  • Make sure that your container is clean and dry. Remove any labels from the outside.

  • Cut a few small squares in the sides of the container. You decide how big they should you want the dog to be able to get the treats out if he shakes it around a lot, or just get the scent of the dog treats so that he'll play with it longer. Cut your holes accordingly.

  • Place the dog treats in the container and secure the lid. Make sure that it is a screw-on lid and not one that pops on and don't want the dog to choke!

You can include string with the containers so that they can hang it up...

Or, just put in the basket as is so that they can push it around and carry it...

Hanging Ball

This is an easy gift project to make, and is perfect for big dogs or dogs with a lot of energy.

Items You'll Need:

  • Small to medium size ball
  • Basketball Net
  • Rope


  • Tie the ball inside the empty basketball net using the rope to tie it closed at the top.

  • Hang the rope from a tree or other high place, and watch him have a good time!

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