How to Make Envelopes
With a Lining

Learning how to make envelopes with a lining is simple, simple, simple. It requires nothing more than a pencil, glue, stick, and scissors. You will never leave another special envelope unlined!

An envelope lining can coordinate or complement the invitation inside, and can be subtle or bold.

To Make a Lined Envelope:

1. Lay the envelope to be lined onto the back of a piece of lining paper. Regular scrapbook paper works best, but card stock can be used if you'd like.

2. Line up the envelope so that the bottom extends past the bottom of the paper by about 1/2 inch. Note: I've shown the front of the paper in this example because it was hard to see the envelope on the white back for the photo. You should be using the back of the sheet of paper for your tracing.

How to Line an Envelope

3. Trace around the envelope and cut the piece out, cutting just inside the tracing line.

4. Insert the lining (it should fit perfectly) and tack it down using the glue stick. You're finished! Wasn't that easy?

lined envelopes

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