How to Make Hair Bows:
Blossom Bow

I was so excited when I learned how to make hair bows that look like blossoms! I've seen them on hair clips and flip flops, but for the longest time I didn't know how they were made to look so full! Almost like a flower.

how to make hair bows

After some trial and error, and I finally came up with a design that I like for these bows. They have so many uses...put them on shoes, hair bands, backpacks, pins, or on top of gifts...the possibilities are endless!

Items You'll Need to Make a Bow:

  • 20-5" lengths of coordinating ribbons
  • 1-7" length of ribbon
  • Hair clip, barrette, or rubber band
  • Craft wire (optional-see step 6)

How to Make Bows:

1. Cut twenty 5" lengths of ribbon in coordinating patterns and styles. You can keep them all the same width, or vary the widths between 1/4" (7 mm) to 1/2" (12 mm)for a different look.

make hair bows

2. Stack the ribbon lengths on top of each other in an attractive order, and use two clothespins to clip the stack together on each end.

how to make bows

3. Center the 7" piece of ribbon under the stack of ribbons, and pass it through a rubber band, barrette, or hair clip if desired (note: you can leave the hair items off and use this bow to tie to a package).

how to make a hair bow

4. Tie the 7" ribbon over the stack of 5" ribbons to hold them together.

make hair ribbons

5. Flip 18 ribbons from one side over to the other side and use a clothespin to secure. There should be two ribbons left on the side you'll work with first.

make a hair bow

6. Tie the two ribbons on that side together to form a knot in the middle. Be careful not to pull any ribbon length from the other side.

Note: If you are having trouble with this step, you can use a length of craft wire twisted tightly around the middle to hold the ribbons in place.

make a hair ribbon

7. Take the next two ribbons from your stack, and pull them over to the side with the two knotted ribbons. Tie them in a knot at the center.

how to make a hair bow

8. Continue this process until all the ribbons on one side have been tied together, two at a time.

how to make hair ribbons

9. Repeat process for the other side of the bow. When you complete the other side, your bow should look like this:

how to make a hair ribbon

Trim the ends of the ribbons at a 45 degree angle to reduce fraying. I also recommend sealing the ends with fray check, glue, clear nail polish, or by heat sealing with a flame or heat sealing heat tool.

Want more hair ribbon crafting? Try our Corkscrew Ribbon Bow or our Basic Hair Bow designs!

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