Inexpensive Baby Clothes Gift

This inexpensive baby clothes gift idea is sure to be a huge hit at the next baby shower you go to! I try to do this for all my friends, and they absolutely love it.

inexpensive baby clothes

This project takes a little more planning than your average do-it-yourself gift. As soon as you find out she's pregnant, it's time to start collecting affordable baby clothes!

The key to finding discounted baby clothes is to search often, and always buy out of season. Hit the clearance racks at the end of each season throughout the year, and pick up awesome baby clothes for a fraction of what you'd pay at full price! Be sure to not only purchase new born baby clothes, but also some clothing in larger sizes. Everyone buys the really small sizes, so it's nice to have something when he/she outgrows the newborn baby clothes stage.

I put them all in one place throughout the year, and pull them out just before the baby shower to put together in this unique way...

Items You'll Need

  • Baby clothing
  • Clothesline
  • Clothespins
  • Laundry basket
  • Baby blanket or towel
  • Ribbon


1. Lay the clothesline flat and begin pinning the clothes to it--one pin on each shoulder.

2. Once you have the clothing positioned where you want it to be, trim the ends of the clothesline to within a foot of the outfits on each end.

3. Cover each pin with a clothespin to make it look like the clothes are "hanging" on the line.

inexpensive baby clothes

4. Line a laundry or organizational basket with a baby blanket or baby towel (something that they can use again). Lay the clothes in the basket by going "side-to-side" while laying each outfit down.

inexpensive baby clothes

5. Bring the blanket/towel up and around all the outfits and tie it at the top with a ribbon. Place the wrapped bundle into the laundry basket (with or without tissue paper). If you wish, top with small items like pacifiers or baby spoons.

There you have it...your gift and baby shower gift wrapping all in one!

When she's opening this gift at the shower, have her hold one end while someone "feeds" her the line out of the basket. When it's all out, have the person that was "feeding" it out of the basket hold the other end. It looks really cute,and you will be amazed at how many discount baby clothes you were able to put on the clothesline in front of you!

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