Unique Kitchen Gifts for Christmas

Kitchen gifts are great to give for the holidays. Not only are they one size fits all, but they're also both practical and useful.

Below is a list of quick cooking gifts that you can give just about anyone this holiday season (think teachers, mail carrier, neighbor or other difficult people to buy for...). Add the sayings to create a unique Christmas gift they'll love!

  • Muffin pan and box of muffin mix- You're getting "muffin" for Christmas!

  • Spices- Hope your holiday is full of "spice."

  • Knives- Hope your holiday season is on the "cutting edge."

  • Vegetable peeler/corer/slicer- Wishing you a most "A-Peeling" Christmas.

  • Mini serving spatula and boxed brownie mix- Hope the holidays "serve up" a wonderful season of happiness.

  • Ice cream scoop and ice cream toppings- "Dip into" some fun this holiday season!

  • Measuring tools- You "measure up" to a great friend (or teacher)OR Wishing you joy beyond measure.

  • Zester and basket of oranges- Hope your Christmas is full of "zest" OR May your holidays be "zesty" and "fruitful."

  • Basket of hand soaps- May your holidays "bubble over" with fun.

  • Colander- We couldn't "restrain" ourselves from wishing you a happy holiday!

  • Whisk- No one "beats" you as a neighbor!

  • Mug, cocoa mix, mini whisk- "Whip" up a cup of joy for the holidays.

  • Pan or cookie sheet- Hope your holidays get "cooking" OR This is to help you "cook up" some great holiday memories.

  • Cheese grater, grate container, and wedge of parmesan cheese- Hope your holidays are "grate" OR Wishing you a "grate" holiday season.

  • Kitchen shears- Hope your holidays are a "shear" delight.

  • Pitcher- Hope you "stir up" a flavorful holiday season OR place candy canes in the pitcher and say We "pitcher" you raising a little cane during the holidays.

  • Heart mold or heart cookie cutters- A gift from the "heart" to help you bake up warm holiday memories.

  • Rolling pin and pizza crust or roll mix- "Rolling" out some holiday cheer for someone very dear.

  • Flour/sugar shaker- "Sprinkle" love and laughter throughout the holiday season.

  • Springform pan- Helping you "spring" into the new year in style OR Get ready to "spring" into a new year.

  • Spreader- To help you "spread" holiday cheer.

  • Bamboo spoons or scrapers- Whether "stirring" up cakes, cookies, soups, or souffles, you'll find this spoon useful in many ways. But whatever its use, whatever you do, remember that is says "Happy holidays from us to you."

  • Loaf pan- For being there when you are "kneaded."

  • Hot pad or trivet- We send you "warm" greetings this Holiday Season OR Happy Holidays from our "pad" to yours.

  • Melon baller- Hoping you have a "ball" this holiday season.

  • Ladle- Wishing you a "souper" Holiday Season.

  • Recipe book and spices- Wishing you a holiday "seasoned" with love.

  • Food chopper and nuts- Wishing you a "choppin" good Holiday because we're "nuts" about you.

  • Recipe book- Hope this is just the right "recipe" to make your holiday bright.

  • Mixing bowl- Wishing you a holiday "mixed" with love, laughter, and friends.

  • Apple slicer and cutting board- "Slice" into a wonderful holiday season.

  • BBQ tools and BBQ sauce- Hope the holidays "sizzle" at your home.

  • Griddle, pancake mix, syrup, spatula- Have a "flippin" good holiday.

  • Gift basket with various kitchen tools- Wishing you a "basket full" of Holiday blessings.

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