How to Make a Lollipop Tree

Have you ever seen a lollipop tree in person?  They are ADORABLE, and make perfect birthday gift ideas for kids, or a fun and unique gift for teachers.  I've made these for people who work in other group settings, too.  More recently, I made the lollipop tree below for a silent auction prize at my children's elementary school.  This really is a universal and super simple gift to make!

Items That You'll Need to Make a Lollipop Tree:

  • 8" foam ball
  • 5" clay pot
  • Brown and green craft paint
  • 2 foam brushes
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • 350 "dum-dums" lollipops
  • Accents (ribbons, wood cut-outs, gems, etc)

To Make a Lollipop Tree:

1.  Cover your work area with paper, cardboard, plastic, or something to protect it from the paint and glue.

2.  Put the clay pot on the paper with the top side down.  Using a foam brush, paint the entire pot with brown craft paint.  You  have a choice can put the paint on a little thin and allow some of the clay pot to show through, or totally cover it up. It's your preference.  The pot showing through actually makes it look a little like bark, which you can see an example of in the photo below.

3.  When the pot is dry (the paint dries really fast on a clay pot), flip the pot over and paint the top edge.  No need to paint the inside, because you won't see it in the completed project.  Hint: if you don't want to use more than one foam brush while you wait for paint to dry, wrap the end of your brush in aluminum foil to keep it from drying out.  If you've completely sealed out the air, you can just open it up later and keep on painting!

4.  After this dries, now is the time to add the second coat if desired.  I decided to add a second coat of brown in this particular project for a solid look.  Set the pot aside to dry and use a little later.

5.  Now it's time to paint the 8" foam ball with the green paint.  Using another foam brush, paint the ball green.  I like to put it on really light by dabbing it on because I think a little white showing through makes it look more tree-like.  Note:  you can skip this step entirely and just leave the ball white if desired.  You won't see it in the completed project, but as you pull the suckers out, you will.  I think it looks better painted.

6.  Let the ball dry completely.  It will look like this...

7.  Warm up your hot glue gun and attach the ball with a line of hot glue around the top of the pot.

8.  Attach the ball to the top of the pot and let the glue dry completely.  It's finally starting to look like a tree!

9.  You can keep the pot like this and move on, or decorate it with some accents.  Since this project was for a school fundraiser, and our mascot is the "gators," I decided to hot glue a complimentary ribbon around the top of the pot and add a wood gator.

10.  Stick the "dum-dums" lollipops into the foam ball in a random pattern until it is completely covered.  In this example, I put them as tightly together as I could, and it took 339 lollipops to completely cover the ball.  You can put them further apart if you want to use less.  Again, it's your preference on how you want the finished product to look.

11.  Here is what my completed lollipop tree project looks like:

What do you think?  Cute, right?!  I just love this project.

To gift this, you can use twine or ribbon and wrap it around one of the lollipops to hang a gift tag off of if you choose.  Give it as is, or put a large clear basket gift bag over it and top with a bow. Reader's Submission:

This version of the lollipop tree was submitted to us by Sue in Ohio.  She decided to paint the pot green, and leave the foam ball white.  This is another version that also looks great.  Thanks, Sue!

Want to show us your completed project?  Click here to share :-)

As you can see, she spaced her lollipops further apart, and it still looks great!

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