Luxury Pet Gifts:
Dogs & Cats

I love animals, and enjoy giving luxury pet gifts to my friends and family for their pets! They always really appreciate the effort, and are thrilled that I thought of their furry friend.

If you are a pet lover like I am, or are looking for a gift for a family or friend's pet, you've come to the right place. I realize that there are several types of pets out there, put on this page I've chosen to stick with what I know...dogs and cats.

Luxury Pet Gifts

What Makes a Good Luxury Pet Gift ?

You may be wondering what I mean by a luxury pet gift?

To me, a luxury pet gift is something that most people wouldn't ordinarily purchase or make for their pet. Gourment dog biscuits, a rhinestone-studded collar, hand-painted food get the idea!

Dog Pet Gifts for Owners / Pet Lover Gift

People who are crazy about their pets (as I am), love to get gifts for them! When you make or buy something for their pet, it shows that you not only care about them, but are also sensitive to their interests. Here are a few ideas to buy for the pet lover in your life:

  • A calendar with pictures of their type of cat/dog
  • Address book or journal with a picture of their type of cat/dog
  • Reference book for their type of cat/dog (especially great for a new dog...helps them learn about the breed, training, etc.)
  • Framed picture of them with their pet
  • Donation to a local animal shelter in their name
  • Gift card to a pet store
  • Gourment treats/food for their dog/cat
  • Toys for their dog/cat
  • Address labels or stationery with thier breed of dog/cat on it
  • T-shirt, mug, or Christmas ornament with their pet's photo on it
  • Gift certificate for a local groomer
  • Dog/Cat figurine
  • Gift certificate for a local dog walker or pet watching service

Are you feeling crafty and would rather make something than buy it? Check out our personalized pet gift ideas below!

Personalized Pet Gifts, Ideas, and Projects:

How to Make Dog Bows
A lot of these bows wrapped together in a unique way makes a great pampered pets gift. This simple project will make them look like they just came from the groomers!

Make Your Own Dog Biscuits
Best recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to make dog bones. Make your own dog treat and package it in one of the unique wrapping ideas given on this page.

How to Make Homemade Dog Toys
A basket of these inexpensive dog toys makes a perfect pet gift! Use items from around your house for a few of these projects.

Make Your Own Dog Food
Make dog food for a sick or new puppy, or "just because", and the pet owner will appreciate the thought that went into your gift.

Pet Bereavement Gifts Guide
Losing your family pet is very hard. Use these ideas to find a gift for the loss of a dog or a cat.

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