Do It Yourself Gifts Guide to
Make a Gift Bag

There are so many creative ways to make a gift bag...I could never list them all on one web page. All you need is a few supplies and an open mind, and anyone can create a work of art to place their gifts in.

I used to only buy pre-made gift bags from the store (and I still do in a pinch...), but once I started making my own, I realized how much fancier they make the presentation of my gifts. Aside from the fantastic first impression, when you make a gift bag, it costs you less than the average gift bag in the store. Inexpensive and unique...who could ask for anything more?

The first (and most important) element you'll need is the actual gift bag itself. You can purchase plain gift bags at stores that sell crafts. They come in all sizes and colors, so you're sure to find one that will fit your needs.

You're not limited to plain gift bags from craft stores...look around your house and see what types of bags you already have. Brown paper lunch bags can be decorated nicely, as can small bags with handles from stores. Do you want the ultimate secret to making an inexpensive gift bag? Use one that someone has given to you in the past (it may seem like you are "re-gifting", but try to think of it more as recycling!) Does the bag you have say Merry Christmas on it, but you need a birthday bag? No problem! Cover the saying with a photo that you print off of your computer or some pretty scrapbook paper.

Next you'll need some items to decorate the bag with. This is where your creativity comes into play! I use almost anything that I have on printed from my computer, paint, glitter, ribbon, beads, rafia, scrapbook/construction paper, etc. If I really have a specific design in mind, I hit our local craft store to search the scrapbooking aisle. They have so many cute themed pieces that you can glue to your bag.

Here are a few examples that I made to give you some inspiration:

This sage green gift bag was purchased at a craft store. I glued a bow to the front that I made out of ribbon I found on a clearance rack (make sure to check clearance racks in craft stores--they often have spools deeply discounted that they only sold half of.) In the middle of the bow, I glued a flower with a rhinestone stud in the middle. Using fancy edged scissors, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper into a square, and attached a photo that I printed using my home computer. I glued the paper and photo to the bag, and put a small piece of ribbon under the photo. In the scrapbooking aisle, I found small metal plates with sayings on them, so I attached the one that says "memories" to the ribbon under the photo. One rhinestone stud (found in the shirt-making aisle) on either side of the metal plate completes the look.

This is a tan gift bag that has a lot of options for decorating. You could paint a bag in this color, or put your child's hand or foot prints on it for an adorable look! I chose to decorate this bag with a brown ribbon that I glued all the way around the center of the bag. Using fancy edged scissors, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper into a square and glued a black and white photo to it (that was also trimmed with the fancy edged scissors). The paper/photo combo was glued over teh ribbon, and a small metal scrapbooking plate was attached above the photo.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to creating your own gift bag. Make a gift bag as simple or as ornate as you depends on the occasion and the amount of supplies you have at home or have to buy. Use a marker to write sayings on the bag, or print quotes out from your computer to glue on...the design is up to you!

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