How to Make a Heating Pad

When you make a heating pad, you give them a gift that they can use over and over again! These "heat bags" are simple and inexpensive to make...perfect for a get well present or holiday gift!

How to Make a Heating Pad

Items You'll Need to Make a Heating Pad:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
  • Thread to match
  • Dried corn
  • Ruler

Directions to Make a Heating Pad:

1. Cut your fabric into the shape and size of your choice. It doesn't have to be a rectangle...for example, if the person you are making it for has a bad back, you can make a large square. For this example, I've chosen to make a heating pad for your neck. I began by cutting two identical pieces of material 15 inches long by 6 inches wide (remember to adjust these dimensions as you see fit).

2. Place the "good" sides of the fabric together. Using a sewing machine or by simply hand stitching, sew together three sides of the fabric--the two long sides, and one short side. Your fabric shell should now look like an inside-out pillowcase.

3. Unfold your fabric to the correct side (it should now resemble a pillowcase when it is not inside out, and the seams should be hidden on the inside).

4. Fill the sack with dried corn (the type they feed farm can find it at a feed store). Be careful to not overfill the sack--you want a little give so that they can "fold" it around the curve of their neck.

5. Stitch the remaining short side closed.

6. Your project is complete! You may want to enclose a tag that says they can warm this pad in the microwave, or place it in the fridge/freezer to use as an ice pack.

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