How to Make Flip
Flops with Ribbons

You can make flip flops that look like they came from a boutique in a few easy steps! Try different colored ribbons and embellishments for various holidays and outfits.

Make Flip Flops

I made these for a 4th of July party favor for kids, and all the little girls loved them! The parents liked them too because they were a welcome break from the junky little toys they usually get at parties!
Items You'll Need

  • Flips flops
  • Ribbons-various colors
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments (buttons, rhinestones, etc.)
  • Fishing line or embroidery thread

How to Make Flip Flops

How to Make Your Own Flip Flops

1. Cut several equal length ribbons (enough to cover the top of the shoes). Make sure the ends are at an angle to help prevent (or slow down) fraying. You can also put a little clear glue on the ends if your ribbon frays.

2. Start tying the ribbons in the middle and work out towards the edge of the shoe, making sure to alternate colors for variety.

3. When the tops are completely covered, tie buttons or other embellishment on with fishing line or embroidery thread.

Make Your Own Flip Flops

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