How to Make Your Own Card

When is the last time you tried to make your own card? For most of us, the answer is a very long time ago or never. The last card most of us made was probably for Valentine's Day in the first grade!

So, in today's society of e-mails, texting, and other impersonal communications, wouldn't it be nice to receive a handmade card from someone? I know that I love to receive them, and chances are, your recipient will too!

Make Greeting Cards

How to Make a Greeting Card Base
In this article, a fellow Do-It-Yourself-Gifts reader teaches us to make a basic card base. Simply add to this base to create a custom card.

Homemade 50th Birthday Card
Creative birthday card idea that you can use for any age. In this example, submitted to us by a do-it-yourself crafter, she explains the card she made for her Dad's 50th birthday.

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