Make Your Own Greeting Card Base

In this article, a fellow crafter and guest author explains how to make your own greeting card base by using a simple card making technique. With a little embellishment, you can use this base to create a unique card for any occasion!

Making a simple card base is relatively straight-forward. It might take a little practice to get this technique perfected, but once you've got it you'll find it's a piece of cake to make your own cards!

My preferred method of making card bases is to take a letter-sized piece of paper and cut it in half to make two card bases that will fit in an "A2" sized envelope. It makes the most of your cardstock and is very simple to do.

To Make Your Own Cards, You'll Need:

  • Cardstock (8 1/2 x 11 inches)
  • Envelopes
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Clean, well-lit workspace

How to Make Greeting Card Bases

Step 1
Measure the First Cut Mark:
Turn your cardstock so it's oriented landscape (long end is horizontal) and measure 5 1/2 inches - which will be exactly half the length of your cardstock. Make a small mark at the top of the paper.

Step 2
Measure First Cut - Bottom:
Do the same at the bottom of the cardstock - measure 5 1/2 inches and make a small mark.

Step 3
Draw a Line Between the Two Marks:
Then turn your ruler so it is facing away from you and line it up with the two pencil marks you just made.

Draw a line to connect the lines.

Now you have a line down the center of your cardstock, dividing the paper in half.

Step 4
Two Pieces of Cardstock:
Take your scissors and cut down the pencil mark. Cutting in long, smooth strokes will lead to a more even cut than if you make small snips along the way.

Now you have two pieces of cardstock measuring 8 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

Step 5
Measure Score Mark:
Next, take one of your halves and turn it horizontal again, so it's landscape oriented.

Measure 4 1/4 inches along the top and make a pencil mark. Do the same thing along the bottom.

Step 6
Fold Cardstock in Half:
Then fold the cardstock in half at the score lines - no need to draw a line this time as it should be a simple fold right in half. Now you have a base for your card!

Finished Simple Cards
The nice thing about this technique is that you get two card bases for each piece of cardstock. Now you're ready to either stop here with this simple card and decorate the card base, or you can use it to layer something else on!

To see detailed photos of this project click here.

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