Make Your Own Stationary
for Mother's Day

It's really easy to make your own stationary, and making it yourself gives you the chance to personalize it exactly how you want to.

My son made me a set of personalized stationary for Mother's Day one year, and it has been one of my favorite Mothers Day presents! I use it to write notes to teachers and for jotting letters to my friends. It is unique and was completely customized to fit me.

This was a class project, so all the kids drew pictures of their moms along the edge of the stationery. If you plan to do this at home, it would be cute to have your little one draw several pictures of them doing special things with their mom (biking, workig in the garden, helping cook dinner, etc.). This stationery also makes a great mothers day gift for grandma!

How to Make Your Own Stationery

Using the photos that your child drew, create custom stationary as follows:

1. If your child's pictures are not small enough, use a copier to minimize the drawings to fit along the side of the paper.

2. Draw a line across a regular (8.5" x 11") piece of paper, to create two equal areas.

3. Roll a small amount of tape and stick it to the back of each small drawing. Place the drawings along the side of each area to create the edge of the stationery.

4. Print the following mothers day poem on a separate sheet of paper, cut it out, and fix it to the top of each side:

Thanks for being my mom.
Thanks for taking good care of me.
Thanks for all of the things you do.
Thanks Mom, I LOVE YOU!

5. After you have the drawings and poem situated as you want them, copy the sheets onto colored paper.

6. Cut the paper along the line, and tie the stack together with a bow.

NOTE: If you want to make this project A LOT easier, have your child draw small pictures directly on the sheet that you drew the line on. This is sometimes more difficult for really young children, though.

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