How to Make Your Own T Shirt

Looking for personalized kid gifts? Why not make your own t shirt! It's simple and quick, and when you make your own tee shirt, the possibilities are endless.

Make Your Own T Shirt

I often use this homemade gift idea to make personalized kids gifts. After all, unique kids gifts are hard to come by!

Boys are especially hard to make gifts for, so I'll make a t shirt that has their school colors/ mascot, a funny saying, or a favorite sports team or player on it (search the internet for free logos to print). For the sports teams, I put their last name on the back, and it quickly becomes their favorite shirt!

Items You'll Need to Make Your Own T Shirts:

  • Plain t-shirt (prewashed)
  • Computer t-shirt transfer paper
  • Computer/printer
  • Scissors
  • Iron

Directions to Make Your Own Shirt:

1. Select and prewash your tee shirt. Do NOT use fabric softener, and if you plan to dry it in the dryer, do NOT use a dryer sheet.

2. Create your design using the computer software of your choice. Some of the computer transfer sheets now come with a website address where you can create your design.

3. Print your design on iron-on computer t-shirt transfer sheets. When dry, cut out your design.

4. To make a tee shirt with your design, lay your shirt on a hard, heat-resistant surface. Note: Do NOT use an ironing board, as it will be too soft and may cause your design to not adhere. Position the printer transfer sheets where you'd like them.

Make Your Own Shirt

5. Place a cloth over the design, being careful not to move the transfer sheet in the process (an old pillowcase works well). Iron the cloth according to the package directions of the printer transfer sheets. Different brands have different heat settings and directions for ironing. * Note: Do NOT try to iron without the cloth will end up burning your shirt (trust me, I speak from experience)!

How to Make T Shirt

6. Remove transfer after recommended time (see directions with your printer transfer sheets).

Make Your Own T Shirts

7. Once the first side of the shirt has cooled, you may iron a design on the other side of the t-shirt. I recommended putting something in between the layers when ironing. I used a glass cutting board.

8. Let the shirt cool off, and you're finished! Remember to read and include the washing directions with your gift.

Make Your Own T Shirt

Remember, when you make your own shirts...

  • Be creative! Everyone has something that they're interested in. When you take the time to make shirts that convey that interest, you make a gift that they'll always remember.

  • You can add to the design by using fabric paints or embellishments.

  • Think about accessories that you can include with the shirt. In this example, I bought a plain baseball cap in the team color.

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